Umanium is the essential element for refining heritage and human nature into media form.

Since 2004, Umanium

has been creating exhibits that explore our human heritage…

Temporary and permanent
exhibition design

Interpretation concepts
and plans

Virtual exhibits

Interpretive trails

Multimedia shows


Audio guides

Heritage studies


​​…from inspiration

to installation.

Umanium’s dynamic core

embodies a fusion of positively charged sympathetic protons.

Sharing passion and creativity, 
their cultural spheres span 
anthropology, architecture,
museology and design.


Umanium naturally collaborates with numerous artists and consultants whose talents combine to create powerful concepts and realizations.

Umanium engages hearts
and minds in active recreation.

Memory is an unstable element. To render it indelible, it must be  

infused with a potent elixir… emotion. 


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